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Lifting Equipment & Lifting Gear

Lifting equipment is what is usually used to connect the load being lifted up to the hook of the crane that will be used to lift the load i.e. it fits ‘between the hook and the load’.

Usually a ‘lifting rig’ is required made up of several different items of lifting equipment assembled together to lift the load safely. The most simplest form of lifting rig is using a set of slings to connect between the crane hook to the load.

More complex rigs are used when there is a requirement to have vertical slings connecting to the load to avoid any side loading, but there is also a need to lift from one single point. Lifting Beams and Spreader Beams or Spreader Frames are perfect for this, and will require slings and shackles to connect separate elements of the rig together.

As the world's premier supplier of modular Spreader Beams and other below the hook heavy lifting equipment, Modulift products are cost effective, lightweight, and versatile. Our full range has DNV type approval 2.22 of up to 1000t - you can find out more about them on our Spreader Beam page.

Standard off-the-shelf lifting equipment is always the quickest and most economical solution for a lift, which is why Modulift developed a modular Spreader Beam system that our distributors can stock up to 600t worldwide. To locate your nearest Stock Holding Distributor please click here.

Engineered Lifting Products and Lifting Gear

However, sometimes off-the-shelf components are just not suitable, and there is need for engineered lifting products to suit a particular application. See examples below - you can also explore more details on engineered lifting equipment on our Engineered Lifting Products page.

Set of Delta Plates to increase the number of slings for wrapping around a monopile 

  Modular Spreader Beam

Vessel Tailing Rig designed to connect to the bottom of a vessel for-uprighting

For more information or to discuss your lifting requirements, please contact Modulift on +44 (0)1202 621511 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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