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Power Generation & Utilities


When Modulift commenced a project for Sellafield, our Engineering Design Team had to use all of their experience and knowledge to comply with the many specified standards and restrictions to design the most suitable Lifting Beams. These Lifting Beams had to meet specific quality requirements which included stringent testing and the use of a specialised paint system designed for use in nuclear power station environments.

Typically for projects of this nature the pre-production documentation alone, which required review and approval by the customer, before ordering of materials or manufacture could commence, amounted to over 50 drawings, procedures, schedules and reports. Drawing on a wealth of past experience and knowledge from carrying out similar projects for the nuclear industry Modulift delivered a compliant and safe lifting solution against the backdrop of a very tight completion deadline.

Wind Energy - Harland & Wolff

For the installation process at the offshore Gwynt Wind Farm Project (8 miles off the coast in Liverpool Bay), Modulift designed and manufactured a custom lifting solution; focused on lifting the monopile foundations. These foundations are driven into the seabed using a pilling hammer and a reverse circulation top pile drill - 160 foundations will be installed between 2012 and 2014.

The deliverables included full design review by DNV and compliance with CDM regulations and the solution was delivered in less than 12 weeks.

The lifting solution required for the project comprised of three pieces:

Monopile Spreader Beams, for lifting monopiles onshore and offshore: modular design achieving three different spans of 20m, 21m & 22m, with an SWL of up to 900t. The Modulift Engineering Team incorporated attachments onto the side of the End Units to enable connection to tugger winches, and therefore full control when manoeuvring the huge monopiles.
Transition Piece Spreader, used to lift Transition Pieces vertically onshore and offshore: modular but made to a set span of 4.8m with a SWL of 500t.
Transition Piece Horizontal Spreaders, for handling transition pieces horizontally onshore: modular needing to achieve spans of between 5.5m & 6.5m with a SWL of 300t.