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Mick Culshaw, Manor Renewable Energy Ltd/Manor Marine UK Limited: It was a pleasure to work with the Modulift team. We costed manufacturing in-house against a Modulift “off-the- shelf” CMOD 34 Spreader Frame & found no real saving. The CMOD 34 Spreader Frame was supplied with excellent industry approved documentation, with individual sections tagged with their ID & relevant weights. It was delivered on time & well protected. All correspondence was quickly answered with a positive “can do” attitude when changes to the specifications had to be made. John Baker, Sales & Marketing Director personally visited our site to check the product was suitable for our requirements & his help was invaluable when the beam was first set up at the job site in Holland.

Phil Smith, Lifting Gear Hire: Lifting Gear Hire have been in the Lifting industry for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on safe, high quality and reliable equipment and that is why we go to Modulift for our spreader beams, lattice beams and spreader frames. The Modulift Spreader Beam is light weight, portable and has the flexibility to also be made in to the CMOD Spreader Frames. Our relationship with Modulift has developed over the years and the service they provide for us is another reason why we keep returning. 

Peter Bray, Bray Cranes: We were in the market for a high quality light weight modular spreader beam at short notice. Modulift had the product, the quality, and the service to fill our requirements with ease. Upon receiving the Modulift MOD 12 Spreader Beam by next day delivery we were extremely pleased with the quality of the product and recommend Modulift’s service as second to none.

Steve Marshall, Safety First Lifting Gear: The quality of the Modulift product is excellent and well known in the lifting market as the go to brand, the team at Modulift are very helpful and nothing is too much trouble.  Modulift keep large quantities of stock so we can offer a great service to our customers with really quick delivery times. The lightweight modular design offers super flexibility for transporting and quick assembly onsite…..our customers love it!

Sebastian Malec, ST3: We have been working closely with the Modulift sales and engineering team over the last several months prior to our first main loadout lifting operation, the Modulift team have provided an excellent service throughout and were able to deliver the two 8m 400/600 beams from stock and within 3 days from placing the order! The ability to invert the versatile lightweight MOD 400/600 has allowed us to utilise the four main hook blocks on our 1400t gantry crane and simplify our rigging arrangement. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with the team at Modulift.

Paulius Budreckis, Strele Logistics: It was pleasure to work with Modulift team from the first quote. There was many discussions, many questions and all of them were solved. Before we ordered the spreader beam and all deal was just in discussion level, lifting project of chimney came up. Some kind of spreader beam was required for this project, so it was just one more reason to buy Modulift product. Order was confirmed by both sides and there’s left just question of delivery. Will it arrive on time?! And it did arrive. Chimney was lifted as it was planned and now we can say big thank you to our new partner Modulift. It was pleasure to have a deal!

Tim Knowles, Sellafield: Just to let you know we did the move last week and everything went really well. The frame lifted horizontally as per your drawing and was at the perfect height for going over ther pond walls. Many thanks for your support on what was a very successful project.

Maher Kabbani, Consolidated Contracts Company: CCC purchased a MOD 250 and MOD 110H for a project in Papua New Guinea some years back, the Modulift spreader systems were perfect for the various lifts we had to perform on this project due to the versatility and the very low self-weights of the spreaders themselves, and they proved to be a great asset assisting us logistically and operationally. After the project in Papua New Guinee finished we returned the spreaders to our Middle East base from where we have since mobilised and used them on many projects in the region where safety in heavy lifting has been paramount. It also helps that Modulift have representation in the region so if we were to find ourselves in a position where we need to add to our systems we know we can rely on someone locally to assist us without delay.

Chloe Nelson-Case, Safety Lifting Gear: You're all so helpful every time any of us need anything. Lucy and Emily always find the solution for me so im happy :) 

Asier Gomez Andueza, Acconia Windpower: We've been using your products since 2012 and our experience has been very good. Having all global certifications and the diversity of the product is a plus. We mostly use your products to offload our nacelle operating two cranes, this helps us cutting our operational costs, we dont require a larger crane and the same cranes are used to offload the reset of the components of our windturbine.

Paul Sainsbury, Alderley Systems Ltd: The performance of Modulift was excellent. Once again all the delivery targets were met; the equipment was supplied to the same high standard we have come to expect, and the documentation was first class. The correspondence was good, well maintained and the attitude to enforced changes to spec was always receptive and helpful. Working with Modulift is like having an extension to your own internal project team. Well done.

Yorick Boorsma, NMT Projects International B.V Netherlands: The spreader has arrived on-time and we would like to hereby thank you for Modulift's service and quick response.

Kieran McGovern, McGovern Crane Hire: Chris Schwab sorted us out with this beautiful Modulift MOD 50, brilliant service from start to finish. Best packing I've seen in a long time! Not a scratch, if you're looking for Spreader Beams then look no further. 

John R. Vaughan, Edwards Moving & Rigging Inc: Edwards had the job of executing a large project for a major manufacturer requiring a pair of quality spreader bars. We have used different options over the years, but kept coming back to the Mod-110 being our personal favourite and the most flexible. We made the decision to purchase the Modulift Spreader Bar and found everything about it to be positive. The crew loved it, it performed flawlessly throughout the project, and gives us multiple length options going forward. It was well worth the investment.

John Short, Worley Parsons: Everything went extremely well. WP wishes to sincerely thank Modulift personnel for a superb professional job with good service.

Ian Scott, Bahrain Maintenance and Diving Services: Just to let you know that the Mod 34 lifting beam was delivered to BMDS workshops this week, everything is in order with all components present, the packaging of the beam was also very good. We would just like to reiterate how impressed we are with everyone who was involved in the order process; everyone was knowledgeable, polite and very helpful. Rest assured that if BMDS need any other lifting beams we will have no hesitation in contacting Modulift in the future.

Serafim Marinho Pescaira S.L: Modulift is a brand of value required by the offices of industrial projects and the professionals responsible for lifting operations. With the innovative technical ability of Modulift and continued commercial development, we are confident that Pescaira will reach its desired objectives.

Juan Landesa Pescaira S.L: Modulift is the leading modular Spreader System available, and is already proving a popular choice with our customers, as they recognise the advantages of its versatile nature. By building relationships with international companies in Spain and Portugal, we are confident that sales will continue to increase as more customers realise the potential of using the same Spreader for different lifts.

Daniel Hooft JOSCo: The training provided to us by Modulift is a very good mix of theoretical and practical. It is greatly beneficial to have an actual operation ongoing, to complement the "brick in a bucket" style exercises, in order to show people real life scenarios. The quality of our goods handling, and of our awareness of lifting and hoisting issues (and opportunities!) has significantly improved due to this training.

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