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Lifting a world record

Modulift take on their most courageous as well as their most lucrative lifting assignment to date.

Modulift; excited to be working once again with Harland and Wolff, known for being both innovative and tenacious it has been centre stage to many a historic endeavor, none less than being the shipbuilding yard where the infamous Titanic was built. Today Modulift and Harland and Wolff will raise the stakes in non-fixed lifting in a bid to achieve a new world record. Creating a bespoke beam composition, with two beams in conjunction will allow lifting capacity from a single point up to a massive 720t.

In 2010 Modulift supplied a beam, joining up two gantry crane hooks, yielding a load capacity of 500t. Four years later the original beam is being hooked up alongside an additional custom-made Modulift beam, bringing the third gantry crane hook into play and adding a new dimension to modern heavy lifting techniques.

Ultimately this mammoth feat is designed for lifting the steel structure jacket section of an oil rig. Extensive testing is set for commencement imminently.

We wish Harland & Wolff the best of luck with their project, and they have our full support in the execution of this lift.

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