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Modulift’s growth in the Nuclear Industry

As health and safety working environment issues become increasingly evaluated and updated, Modulift are getting more involved with helping to restore and build the UK's Nuclear Power Plants. Since 2010 Modulift has seen a steady increase in interest from the UK's Nuclear Industry for the use of our Spreader Beams and Lifting Beams.

Many of today's sites comprise a wide range of nuclear facilities, including sludge packaging plants. Sludge plantations store nuclear waste in highly concealed tanks before it can safely be stored or decomposed. In recent years Modulift has been involved with various projects to help the redevelopment and upgrading of various plants all over the UK.

We have supplied everything from our modular spreader beams to custom-designed project-specific lifting beams to help provide a cleaner and more updated outlook with technologies and resources. With conventional methods such as using large telescopic boom cranes, tower cranes, or placement booms becoming precluded in many instances, this has created a challenge for the industry, with very tight restrictions and elevated healthy and safety standards. When Modulift took on a recent project our engineering design team had to use all of their experience and knowledge to comply with the many specified standards and restrictions to design the most suitable Lifting Beams. These beams had to meet specific quality requirements which included stringent testing and the use of a specialised paint system designed for use in nuclear power station environments.

Typically for projects of this nature the pre-production documentation alone, which required review and approval by the customer, before ordering of materials or manufacture could commence, amounted to over 50 drawings, procedures, schedules and reports.

Drawing on a wealth of past experience and knowledge from carrying out similar projects for the nuclear industry Modulift was able to deliver a compliant and safe lifting solution against the backdrop of a very tight completion deadline.

Modulift has supplied numerous standard off-the-shelf spreader beams like the MOD 24 and MOD 34 to crane and plant hire companies helping the UK plants to restore other outside areas not using nuclear waste.

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