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Modulift Spreader Beam helps restore Southend Pier

At the beginning of May 2012 Modulift was delighted to discover that their Spreader Beam's had been selected for use in the 2.25 million pound project to restore the longest pier in the world. The pier in Southend, in Essex UK is currently undergoing extensive restoration to make it a popular tourist destination once again. The MOD 400 was used to lift and position an innovative new roof onto the pier and into position for future use as part of this major local tourist attraction.

The pre-fabricated roofing panel was elevated from a barge using a sheeleg crane. Attached to the crane hook was a central point sling, which grasped a 400t spreader beam, to where a further two slings affixed to the roofing panel.

The MOD 400 was part of our standard-off-the- shelf collection lifting up to 400 tonnes at 13 meters.

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