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Rigging Review – AC&T November 2014

KHL's American Crane & Transport magazine's latest issue hosts a new Modulift feature.

The double page spread entitled 'Spreader Beam Technology' highlights the history, science and advancements in Spreader Beam products and manufacture.

The review editorial written by Modulift's Marketing Manager Wendy Armstrong also explains how todays Spreader Beams offer rigging solutions that are safe and efficient unlike some of their historical counterparts.

Research found that in the past Spreader Beams were largely bulky, cumbersome and of fixed-length. This meant efficiency wasn't really top of their agenda as they were often only used once and then scrapped or just sat collecting dust until a lift of a similar span became apparent.

With this in mind Modulift spotted a gap in the market, recognising there was a need for a more universal, cost effective style of Spreader Beam that was also easier to handle.

The piece continues to describe how modern heavy lifting safety concerns has caused a rise in quality control through manufacturing controls, testing, inspection, regulations and professional certifications that hold standard recognition worldwide.

With Modulift's pioneering developments in the heavy lifting industry it has not only made them well known but also greatly respected. Happy to pass on their knowledge and experience through articles such as this, it has enhanced their brand and vision for the future.

To read the full feature, click here

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