Environmental Policy

Our mission is to globally deliver our expertise through the innovative design and manufacture of quality products, whilst ensuring a safe lifting and working environment for all. 
Our promise is to be environmentally conscious in all our decisions and to operate in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible. We are totally committed to the care of the environment, the prevention of pollution, and the maintenance of environmental controls to ensure the sustainability for future generations.
An essential feature of environmental management is a commitment to Continually Improving environmental performance and reducing the organisations significant environmental impacts. To achieve this, we have determined a number of Environmental Objectives which provide a framework by which we can and will measure our performance. Performance against these objectives is an input to regular Management Reviews, to ensure that this policy is realised in practise.

To achieve of our objectives, we operate a comprehensive Business Management System, which is designed to satisfy the requirements of: BS EN ISO 14001. Within this, we utilise the recognised approach of: Plan, Do, Check, Act. We also apply the internal environmental initiative of the 4 R's: Review and then ReduceRe-useRecycle, where appropriate.

We maintain a record of and regularly review all our Environmental Aspects, following the life cycle approach. For those aspects we do have influence over, we identify proactive measures to reduce our significant Environmental Impacts, in efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

We will ensure our activity complies with applicable statutory and legislative requirements and any relevant national or international standards. And where practically possible, also that of our supply chain, which is reinforced by our Supplier Code of Conduct. We periodically audit ourselves and conduct legal reviews, to ensure compliance and manage change.

This policy is communicated internally, supported by internal training programmes. All employees understand, are conversant with and actively support its intentions. This policy is displayed on our company website for interested parties.

If anyone has any concerns relating to environmental safety, at any time, they are immediately encouraged to raise them directly with the designated Management Representative [QuEnSh Manager], who reports to the Board of Directors. Or alternatively they can be raised directly with a member of the Board of Directors.

This Policy is reviewed annually, or earlier, if work activity changes significantly.
Sarah Spivey 
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22nd January 2021
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