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Environmental Policy

Our mission is to globally deliver our expertise through the innovative design and manufacture of quality products, whilst ensuring a safe lifting and working environment for all. Modulift is committed to the care of the environment, the prevention of pollution and the maintenance of environmental controls as they relate to our business activities.

Modulift ensures that all its activities (including where practically possible, our extended supply chain) are carried out in conformance with the applicable environmental legislation, other relevant requirements and recognised best practise.

An essential feature of environmental management is a commitment to improving environmental performance and reducing the organisations environmental impacts. This is achieved by setting annual environmental performance and improvement objectives and targets, which are regularly monitored and reviewed. These objectives and targets are publicised and communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation.

Hence all involved are expected to work towards their achievement within the principles of:

  Best Available Techniques (BAT) and Best Practical Environmental Option (BPEO)

Our policy is therefore:

"To be environmentally aware and operate in a manner that is environmentally responsible at all times."

In order to ensure the achievement of the above commitments, the organisation has implemented relevant Environmental 'Arrangements', which are targeted to satisfy the requirements of: BS EN ISO 14001

Our objectives in this are to:

Demonstrate RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT of this potentially sensitive issue (regarding the environmental 'aspects' we do have influence over).

Comply with all applicable LEGAL REQUIREMENTS (Ensuring that all of our activities are carried out in conformance with any relevant environmental legislation). As part of this we also undertake to periodically to evaluate compliance with the same as an input to management review.

Conduct CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT INITIATIVES and IMPACT ASSESSMENTS, in efforts to reduce our carbon footprint via monitoring and reduction techniques. Supplemented by audits and related corrective actions and preventive measures.

Within this, we apply the internal initiative of the 4 R's:

REVIEW & then REDUCERE-USERECYCLE where appropriate.

Working around the recognised approach of: PLANDOCHECKACT.

This policy is displayed on our company website, with a signed copy available to interested parties upon request.

This policy is fully communicated internally, supported by internal training programmes. All employee’s understand, are conversant with and actively support its intentions. If anyone has any concerns relating to environmental safety, at any time, they are immediately encouraged to raise them directly with the designated management representative [QuEnSh Manager], who reports to the Board of Directors. This Policy is reviewed annually or sooner if work activity changes.

Sarah Spivey
Managing Director
8th January 2020
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