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Heavy Haulage & Logistics

Natco AG

The Freight Forwarders Natco AG asked Modulift to provide a lifting solution to load and unload 370t transformers bound for Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, from their manufacturers in Antwerp, Belgium – a quantity of 4 transformers across 2 shipments.  The manufacturers required the transformers to lifted level, resulting in the use of a single hook and thus requiring Spreader Beams.

The ship was loaded in Antwerp in early Oct 2008, using Crane Barge: Brabo, (WLL 800t).  Then having travelled to UAE, the transformers were unloaded in mid November 2008 using Crane Barge: Al Amlaq (WLL 400 tonnes).

Modulift used the '2 over 1 Rig' formation; Spreader Beams consisted of MOD 400/400 plus 2 x MOD 110SH


The lifting of heavy machinery from its specialist transporter onto the Norwegian based container ship, in extreme conditions of freezing weather and limited light. The formation was a ‘1 over 2’ Rig, lifting from 4-Points.