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Royal Navy

The Royal Navy Training School, based in Portsmouth, trains all new recruits to use Modulift Spreader Beams for heavy lifts where there is a need to prevent horizontal compression forces being transmitted into the structure. Whether it be for lifting a Rigid Raider assault boat, a reel of cable wire, or for use during on-going installation, maintenance and engine room work, Modulift Spreader Beams provides the Royal Navy with the flexible solution.

Mark Lilley, who trains the Navy in lifting applications comments “With its unique flexibility, which means the Spreader systems can be used over a range of lifts and it’s lightweight structure, the Modulift Spreader Beams are ideal for the Navy as they offer compact storage capabilities and are easy to transport around the ship.”

The Quick Joint 2 which packs neatly into a briefcase is fast becoming a pre-requisite for all ships and can be used for all lifts up to 2t - ideal for machinery installation and maintenance work. Meanwhile, the MOD 50 Spreader Beam has been used for lifting and handling Tornado fighters at the Naval maintenance base in South Wales, UK for over 10 years.

BVT Surface Fleet, designers and manufacturers of surface warships and support vessels, use Modulift Spreader Beams for a variety of applications during the construction of their military vessels. The MOD 110s and 250s are used during the manufacture of Naval Friggits and aircraft carriers whilst from the portable range, the MOD 12s are used in the fabrication of small components.

In other areas, DML’s Royal dockyard, Devonport, has been using the MOD 12s for low level nuclear lifting applications and the design for a 16 Beam Multi-Rig lifting application for the lift of a 420t mine sweeper has just been completed, awaiting approval.