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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our mission is to globally deliver our expertise through the innovative design and manufacture of quality products, whilst ensuring a safe lifting and working environment for all.

The Managing Director has overall responsibility for health and safety throughout our organisation, this includes our customers, employee’s, visitors and contractors. Part of this responsibility, is a total commitment to ensuring legislative compliance and the fulfilment of legal obligations. As well as the encouragement of recognised industry best practise.

In this role, the Managing Director oversees, implements and monitors the effectiveness of occupational health and safety processes, procedures and legislative compliance. Reporting back to the Board on all health and safety and welfare matters. 

The Managing Director, in-conjunction with Senior Management, organises risk assessments and regular inspections of the workplace and working practises. Ensuring that respective departments are eliminating hazards to reduce safety risks, reporting and investigating any accidents at work or near miss events and maintaining required safety records.

Safety training is an integral part of an effective health and safety programme and it is essential that every employee is trained to perform their job safely and competently. Consequently ALL employees will be trained via both formal and informal means in safe working practices and procedures. Training will include instruction on the safe use of any equipment provided.

The primary legislation governing this OH&S policy and our company operations is the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. This policy provides a framework for setting OH&S objectives and key performance indicators. These objectives are publicised and communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation.

All significant OH&S legislation relating to company operations is listed and built in to our Integrated Business Management System [BMS]. We review performance periodically to evaluate compliance, as an input to management review.

Our Business Management System is focused to comply with the requirements of: BS EN ISO 45001

culture of occupational welfare and safety, is reinforced by proactive management of OH&S arrangements and a total commitment to sustained and continual improvement stemming from the Board. Employee representation, participation and feedback within all occupational safety arrangements is actively encouraged, with no fear of reprisals for honesty. There are several platforms for communication present, including the maintenance of a Representative of Employee Safety (RES).

We recognise ‘occupational health’ is a broad subject and have designed our OH&S arrangements to reflect this. It encompasses physical safety, mental health, working environments and general welfare, among other concerns. Our commitment is to treat any/all concerns in an unbiased and unprejudiced manor, encouraging the honest reporting of any such concerns. We believe this attitude is reflected within our company behavioural values: Cooperation, Respect, Honest, Positivity and Proactivity. Behaviours which our employees wholeheartedly commit to.

This policy [worded version] is displayed on our company website and internal intranet. A signed copy of our Hi Level OH&S Policy, in the HSE recommended format, is available to interested parties upon request.

This policy is fully communicated internally, supported by internal training programmes. All employee’s understand, are conversant with and actively support its intentions. If anyone has any concerns relating to occupational health & safety, at any time, they are immediately encouraged to raise them directly with the designated QuEnSh Manager, who reports to the Board of Directors. Or alternatively via their Line Manager or Representative of Employee Safety (RES), who report to the QuEnSh Manager and/or Board of Directors, as appropriate. This Policy is reviewed annually or sooner if work activity changes.

Sarah Spivey
Managing Director
8th January 2020
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